Cactus Flower

Director: Hala Ekkoussy

Country: Egypt, Norway, UAE, Qatar

Year: 2017

Duration: 104 min.

Language: Arabic with English Subtitles

Awards: Muhr Award Best Actress, Dubai International Film Festival, 2017


Aida (33) is a struggling actress from a provincial background. She finds herself on the streets of Cairo along with her neighbor, Samiha (70), a reclusive bourgeois.  With no money and nowhere to go, the two women, aided by Yassin (20), a street-savvy youth, embark on a journey to find shelter.  Amid the banal and at times disastrous turns their journey takes, they move along parallel journeys of self-discovery.  An extraordinary friendship grows among the unlikely trio; a friendship comparable to a delicate flower blooming from a thorny cactus.


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