Diaries of a Flying Dog






Title in English: Diaries of a Flying Dog

Director: Bassem Fayad

Country: Lebanon, UAE

Year: 2014

Duration: 75 Minutes

Languages: Arabic with English Subtitles

Awards: Nominated, Muhr Award, Best Non-Fiction Documentary, Dubai International Film Festival, 2014; Nominated, Viktor Award, DOK.horizons, Munich International Film Festival, 2015


A man and his tiny dog have something in common: obsessive compulsive anxiety disorder. Throughout their quest to heal, we dissect into pieces the surroundings – in its upbringing, fears and constant inner conflict. A memory is recalled; a memory filled with fear, violence, war, love and a past almost depicting itself again in the present and in the future. The setting is a family’s house. A father, a mother, sons, daughters and grandchildren living in Lebanon. The time is when beauty faded and ugliness and expiation prevailed.

The man is the director, the dog is the mirror and the film is the instrument.






Title in English:  Alia

Director:  Raghed Charabaty

Country:  Canada, Lebanon

Year:  2015

Duration:  5 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Languages:  Arabic with English Subtitles


Haunted by the memory of civil war, an old Lebanese man revisits the last few moments of a fateful bus ride that leads up to the murder of his beloved.

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