Tour de France







Title in English: French Tour

Director:  Rachid Djaidani

Country:  France

Year:  2016

Duration:  95 min.

Languages:  French/Russian/Basque (English subtitles)

Awards:  Nominated, Most Promising Actor, Lumiere Awards (France), 2017; Nominated, Art Cinema Award, Best Feature, Hamburg Film Festival, 2016


Far’Hook is a twenty-year-old rapper. Following a settling of scores, he’s obliged to leave Paris and lay low for awhile. His producer, Bilal, suggests that Far’Hook take his place accompanying his father Serge on a tour of all of the ports of France, following the path taken by the painter Joseph Vernet. Despite the shock between generations and different cultures an improbable friendship develops between the promising rapper and this builder from the North of France, during an adventure that will lead them to Marseille for a final concert, one of reconciliation.

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