Shorts Program


A coming out story about a gay teenager who’s older brother tries to help but who’s father is very conservative.


Director:  Ameer Ihsan

Country: Iraq

Year:  2016

Duration  10:38

Language:  Arabic with English Subtitles


When a withdrawn Middle Eastern man begins frequenting a Boston cafe, the headwaiter grows increasingly suspicious about the true nature of his visits.


Director:  Raouf Zaki

Country:  USA

Year:  2017

Duration:  16:39

Language:  no dialog

Here You Are

An experimental video-poem and piece of art where text and trance music takes us on an internal journey and sheds light on the mental health issues of refugees upon their arrival at their destination.


Director:  Tyma Hezam

Country:  USA

Year:  2015

Duration:  4:55

Language:  English subtitles (no dialog)

Hide Your Metal

Short documentary following four Heavy Metal bands leading up to the DeathRash Night II concert in Amman,  Jordan. The story depicts the obstacles metal musicians face in expressing themselves publicly and how heavy metal’s ‘satanic’ reputation impacts musicians’ growth in Jordan.


Director:  Yasmine Mustafa

Country:  Jordan

Year:  2016

Duration:  12:15

Language:  Arabic with English subtitles

Awards:  Audience Prize Award, Best Short Documentary, 13th Franco Arab Film Festival, 2017

I Have Been Watching You All Along

A young woman is the embodiment of an abandoned cinema, watching and being watched all along.


Director:  Rawda Al-Thani

Country:  Qatar

Year:  2017

Duration:  9:33

Language:  no dialog

My Old Grandmother

When time flies and life is boring, the only thing we wait for is death. For Myassar, a grandmother, days go by and blend into each other and all that is left to do for her is … wait. A picture will make her relive memories and, little by little, her emotions will guide her story.


Director:  Hadi Moussaly

Country:  Lebanon

Year:  2014

Duration:  3:15

Language:  Arabic with English subtitles

Awards:  Award of Merit, San Francisco Film Awards, 2015

One Minute

Gaza, summer 2014: Salma is sheltering with her daughter from the onslaught of bombs and mortar fire in her flat in the battered neighbourhood of Shuja’iyya. Her mobile phone is her lifeline to the world, but it also announces her impending fate.


Director:  Dina Naser

Country:  Palestine

Year:  2015

Duration:  10:29

Language:  Arabic with English subtitles

Under the Robes

An isolated convent, where a group of nuns once lived happily, was visited by the Monsignor. He comes to announce that their land will be sold. During the visit, he steps on a mine that dates from the war times. Everything goes downhill, the panic sets, the faith is questioned and the madness of each of the sisters comes to light…


Director:  Michel Zarazir

Country:  Lebanon

Year:  2015

Duration:  19:46

Languages:  Arabic, French (English subtitles)

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